Radio Storytelling Inspiration from 4 Experts



I’ve been seeking out some storytelling inspiration for projects I’m working on and have found some fantastic wisdom from four of my favorite radio storytelling pros. So, I thought I’d share. In no particular order, here are four storytelling experts talking about their jobs:

1. This American Life’s Ira Glass:

Be sure to check out Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 too!

2. NPR’s Scott Simon:

3 & 4. Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad & Robert Krulwich

RadioLab is probably my favorite show on the radio. Each episode can serve as inspiration for informative storytelling, but in this particular piece the two hosts talk about how they use sound design to enhance stories. They touch on the importance of including differing vocal textures and the musicality and composition of speech among other things.

Making RadioLab


The Power of Digital Storytelling: Climate Wisconsin


With a combination of great design, beautiful web typography  and an important message, Climate Wisconsin presents compelling stories about climate change in the state. Personal stories about ice fishing, farming, fly fishing, forestry, extreme heat and other climate related topics make the increasingly important issue of climate change relatable and compelling. Ten beautifully photographed, filmed and edited stories and two interactive infographics convey the impacts of climate change on a variety of people, traditions and industries throughout Wisconsin.

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Tweets in posts!


I’m pretty pumped that Word Press can now pull tweets into posts! Here’s a sample of how it looks:

As you can see, it pulls in a retweet button, profile information, and a dynamic time stamp. I saw something like this in a digital story telling service called Storify, which can also pull in facebook posts. While Storify more robust as a story telling service, it is still in Beta mode and it’s tough to get access to it.

So, I’ll be thinking differently about word press as a story telling medium.