5 Things I “Shipped” in 2011


Last year I compiled a short list of things I accomplished in 2010 and I liked the way it turned out so I thought I’d do it again for 2011.

The idea of “shipping” is to get a project as far along as you can and then send it out the door and move on to the next project.

If it doesn’t ship, it doesn’t count. – Seth Godin

So, here are five of my favorite things I “shipped” in 2011:

  • Completed the Master’s of Communications program at Marquette University and began a full-time position at the Urban Ecology Center.
  • Designed a much needed Case for Support for the Urban Ecology Center. A digital version can be seen here.
  • A “2011 Year in Review” fundraising video for the Urban Ecology Center.
  • Video coverage of the 2011 Teen Adventure Challenge.
  • And, I completed the Oshkosh Area Sprint Triathlon (my first Tri!).

There it is. I’m pretty proud of each of these.

What did you “ship” in 2011?


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