5 Awesome Nonprofit Tweets


A while ago I created a Twitter list of Milwaukee nonprofits and have been adding to it since. Because I run social media accounts for a nonprofit, I’ve drawn inspiration from the organizations on this list.  I thought I’d share some of my favorites from the past week and why I think they’re effective.

In reverse-chronological order, here they are:

1. Wisconsin Humane Society

I love this tweet by the Wisconsin Humane Society for a couple of reasons. First, it is connected to a current event that is important to many Wisconsinites (a Packer’s playoff game, of course) and uses a hashtag that will help it be discovered by Packers fans who may not have otherwise seen it. Second, it links to a photo album on the WHS Facebook page that their fans have submitted photos to. A clever way to engage fans and connect social media accounts. Brilliant!

2. Milwaukee Public Library

The Milwaukee Public Library regularly posts quotes from famous authors on their birthdays. From a branding standpoint, this is a fantastic way to maintain a status as a knowledgeable authority. If you know what dates are important to your organization, it can be especially time-efficient to schedule tweets like this ahead of time. One day of scheduling can yield weeks or months of timely tweets. It seems that MPL has used this technique very effectively.

3. Badger Association

Just a good old -fashioned congratulatory tweet.  This shows the ease of using Twitter for maintaining relationships, something that is important for nonprofits to do. Way to go, Badger!

4. Hunger Task Force

It’s refreshing to see a nonprofit asking for something other than donations or volunteers. With this tweet, the Hunger Task Force expresses care and compassion for a long-time volunteer who has a great need.

5. Independence First

The first line in Independence First’s Bio is: “Your FIRST resource on disability and access in the Milwaukee region.” With tweets like this, IF demonstrates its expertise and maintains its status as a resource.

There you have it. Kudos to these five nonprofits for their awesome tweets!

Which tweeting nonprofits do you admire? What awesome tweets have you seen lately?


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