I just saw Gamer Revolution, a documentary that highlights the disturbing fact that lots of people spend more time in fantasy gaming wolds than they do in the real world.

That’s why I’m so excited about mobile, location-based games like SCVNGR! It’s still a game, there are points and everything, but you have to get out of your house and explore your city to play it. With SCVNGR, you earn points by doing things in real life and engaging with the real world.

If you’re familiar with Foursquare, it’s a lot like that, but much more engaging. Here’s how it works:

How SCVNGR Works

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Obviously, in SCVNGR there’s a lot more to do at each venue than there is in Foursquare. You can check-in, type a message, take a photo, check-in with a friend to multiply points and scan QR codes. The ability to share each of your actions with your facebook friends or twitter followers is nice as well. While many of the actions that SCVNGR allows can be done within foursquare some how (a third party app allows foursquare users to post a photo with their check-ins), SCVNGR’s QR code scanning capability is something that Foursquare does not offer. A venue can have a QR code hidden somewhere and challenge customers to find it in order to scan it for the points. How fun!

However, the real reason I think SCVNGR is so great is the ability to string together a series of challenges into a “trek.” I think that treks have real potential for getting people outside having fun! In fact, I’ll be working on creating a trek within SCVNGR to get people explore Riverside Park at the Urban Ecology Center in Milwaukee. Using a variety of challenge types, I hope that this will be a fun way to experience these locations and learn something at the same time!

More updates on the progress of this trek will be posted as I work on it as well as an announcement when it goes live! Have any thoughts/ideas about how to make this trek fantastic? I’d love to hear them! Want to help me test the trek? Let me know!


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