Personal Branding


A sample of the old branding that needs to be updated. Eew..

As a graphic designer, I’ve studied branding and even created lots of branding material. Logos, business cards, letterhead, brochures and other collateral materials to match a brand. As a visual communication student, I even created all of those materials for my own personal brand. But, extending that style to digital media is tougher than expected (especially because it is in dire need of an upgrade!).

Last week, Laura Gainor spoke to our emerging media class about personal branding. She shared the innovative way she reached out to Comet Branding to get her current Social Media Strategist job. Gainor emphasized the importance of personal branding in social media, especially for job searching, something she is clearly skilled at. She uses a variety of social media to maintain her brand including her blog, twitter account, sticky bits, slideshare, LinkedIn, Flickr and others.

I’ve been feeling the pain of trying to figure out how to brand myself using this blog and how to extend that branding to other social media I’m using. Gainor’s presentation provided some much needed guidance!

If you’ve been to this blog more than once, it probably looked different each time. I keep switching themes and changing colors and layout to find one I want to keep. Expect to keep seeing changes as I work to settle on a personal brand representation. Hopefully, as I put my graphic design skills to use, I’ll end up with something that at least slightly resembles what Laura Gainor has accomplished!

For more information about Gainor’s job acquiring social media skills, check out her slideshare presentation about it.



One thought on “Personal Branding

  1. Hi Jeff. Thank you for the nice comments in this post. You’re doing a great job of realizing you want to solidify your personal brand and discovering ways to do so.

    I am honored you found value in my presentation to help guide you. Continue to stay in touch and share your work!

    Best wishes,
    Laura Gainor

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