Guest bartending at AJ Bombers – a fundraiser for the Urban Ecology Center


Tomorrow night, Oct 1st, I will be guest bartending at one of my favorite local restaurants, AJ Bombers! I decided to do this for a couple of reasons. 1). I think it will be a fun way to raise some money for an organization that I really care about, the Urban Ecology Center. 2). AJ Bombers has been successfully using social media (especially Twitter and Foursquare) to drive business, so this will be a great way to gain more exposure for the Urban Ecology Center. 3). This is a great opportunity to reach a bunch of people who have probably not heard of the organization, but may be excited to learn about what an incredible resource it is! 4.) Why not?!

I am basically only using social media to promote this event, so for me it’s an exciting experiment in using social media to raise money and awareness for a nonprofit organization. I’ll have more to report on after the event, but for now, feel free to RSVP and come on out:

Here’s the Twitvite:

Find AJ Bombers and the Urban Ecology Center on Twitter:

AJ Bombers: @ajbombers
Urban Ecology Center: @UrbanEcology

Learn more about the Urban Ecology Center here:


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