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Do you remember what communications technologies were like 10 years ago? I had an email address and an AOL Instant messenger account. I had taken a web design class in high school and had a very rudimentary personal website. I don’t even remember what the content was, but I know that it consisted of lots of text and a couple of images, and a handful of links to other sites, most of which were probably broken.

As a typical young consumer at that time, I could not have predicted what the communications landscape would look like in 2010. I would never have guessed that facebook, youtube and twitter would be household words and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to imagine how these social media have changed the way we communicate.

These days, things are changing even faster. As a communications student and professional, I think it’s important to keep up with the trends. There are exciting emerging media popping up all over the place and they too will have a dramatic impact on the ways we communicate, shop, learn and do business. This blog will serve as my public forum for exploring these emerging media. But there are a few specific aspects that I am interested in…

Advances in Communications Technology are good for us, so is Nature.

I believe that spending time in nature, or even in a park in a city, is healthy for humans. The increase in mobile communications technologies is exciting because we can use them while we’re outside! We no longer have to be sitting on a PC at a desk to be connected to the Internet or our social networks. Mobile devices like smart phones and iPads allow us to take a world of knowledge outdoors with us. New augmented reality technologies will allow us to integrate that knowledge into the natural world around us.

I’ll be considering this crossroads of communications technology and nature throughout these blog posts. I think it’s a good thing and I’m excited to see how these two areas can be mutually beneficial.

New Technology is Fun!… So what!?

I have always been interested in the work of people and organizations who are changing the world for the better. Many new communications technologies seem to focus on commercial applications, but I’m more interested in how these advances can help nonprofit organizations.

Long-Distance Connections.

I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but most of my family lives in Northern California. Many of my friends live in other US cities or other countries. I love new advances in technology that makes communicating with them easier!

Visual Communications

As a Graphic Designer, I’m interested in the visual aspects of communications. From time to time, I’ll focus on communications that are well designed. I may even post some of my own design work.

So, that’s what you can expect to find on this blog. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Clever title and more images to come!


2 thoughts on “About this blog…

    • Thanks Caitlin!

      I agree, it seems like things are changing so quickly that it’s hard to imagine where we’ll be in a few years. I’ll be sure to read your post too. I’m curious about how you approached the topic!

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